About Us

The first University of the Third Age was founded in Toulouse, France in 1972. It involved bringing older people into contact with academic programs run by the university.

In July, 1981, the U3A concept was introduced to Britain. A different model to the French was adopted. In this model, the experience and skills of older people were harvested so that they themselves were able to run the programs, leaving them independent of university academic involvement.

In 1984, the first Australian U3A's were formed in Melbourne and quickly spread throughout Australia. The Australian U3A adopted the English model. All of the teaching, planning and administration of a U3A is carried out by its own members, thus tapping the skills and experience of older people.

U3A Waverley (originally U3A Monash) is one of the oldest U3A's in Australia, having been established in 1985. U3A City of Melbourne was the first to be established in 1985, followed by Hawthorn, Monash and Ringwood.

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